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It’s truly incredible what a well-placed water feature can do for your Oakland County home or business. Our professional landscaping and masonry team here at Brookstone Landscaping has performed all sorts of water feature installations – from simple to complex.

Because two properties are never the same, there’s always a custom component to the process, which is where our clients create features and hardscapes that uniquely speak to them and their lifestyle.


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Oakland County Water Features
Oakland County Water Features

Why build a custom water feature?

We know from experience that the benefits of having a water feature on your Oakland County, MI property are abundant and widely varied. For starters, not only does a water feature bring calming sounds and functional beauty, but it also overlays texture and movement to each one-of-a-kind design scheme.

The knowledgeable and experienced Brookstone Landscaping team will discuss options – ponds, streams, fountains, etc. – most beneficial locations, and materials to correctly construct and place your chosen water feature. Once installed, any of our water features will transform your Oakland County land from a bland piece of grass to a serene, natural environment.

Of course, any of our landscape installations will increase your home or business’ value, add to its curb appeal, and are always custom and unique in one way or another.

Here are some great benefits solely granted by water features:

  • They create many health benefits – The soothing noise of a running water feature has the ability to relax your mind in a way that’s similar to meditation. They are believed to improve energy, focus, and clarity while decreasing anxiety, stress, and depression. Even more, moving water results in the creation of negative ions in the air that can, through purifying the air, reduce germs, allergens, and insects.

  • Water features invite wildlife – Your Oakland County based water feature will not only impress your friends, family and neighbors, but also attract all kinds of wildlife to your private outdoor areas. Birds, small animals, and “good” insects will flock to your custom designed and built water feature from Brookstone Landscaping. Thereby, instilling a harmonious link with the surrounding natural world.

  • An Eco-friendly reduction of noise pollution – Every water feature has the capability to drown out annoying sounds coming from outside your Oakland County home or business. Automobile traffic, noisy neighbors, and overtaking sounds from nearby businesses will be mitigated by the tranquil sounds of running water. Also, most of our water features use less water than is required to perform the upkeep of a piece of lawn of a comparable size.

  • We offer flexible, low maintenance water features – No outdoor area is too big or too small. Brookstone Landscaping will strategically install your Oakland County water feature based on the overall size of the space and your personal vision for it. Smaller features can be hidden away to not take over and larger ones can delineate one or more focal areas from one another. We’ve even created amazing water features from natural components such as pots, boulders, and tree stumps – all of which necessitate minimal maintenance.

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