Tree Planting

One of the most important factors Brookstone Landscaping takes into account when searching for tree planting options to show our Oakland County clients is that the trees in question are native to the area.

Native trees are able to grow well and live long due to already being well-adapted to your local climate. Whereas non-native trees have a high probability of having pest problems.

Our trained and skilled planters will perform a thorough inspection of your outdoor space then make tree planting recommendations. Since we want your money to go far and your time be for enjoyment, we make choosing the best variety easy by only suggesting trees that will flourish in your particular climate. Our dedicated planners will help you determine where you want tree planting done and what you wish to accomplish.


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Besides the natural beauty across all seasons, and the colorful transitions during each, the constantly changing environment, provided by tree planting in Oakland County, can assist in defining an area and add the element of privacy in the shade. Plus, our designers will suggest, where applicable, a combination of trees that provide shade, trees that make statements with their colorful blooms, and specialty ones that produce fresh fruits.

Examples of tall, shady trees: Maple, Oak, Redwood, Willow, and many more.

Examples of flowering trees: Redbud, Franklinia , and any of the flowering trees like cherry, plum, and pear.

Examples of specialty trees: Columnar Apples, apricot, nectarine, and peach, to name a few.

Trees, besides being natural, living air conditioners, provide many other benefits:

 Tree Planting
 Tree Planting
  • Trees improve the environment and your local ecosystem – Tree planting is one of the best ways to both improve your landscaping and beautify your outdoor spaces. Trees filter out pollutants, can help reduce your carbon footprint, and help stop soil erosion.

  • They help reduce energy costs – During the warmer seasons, the shade from our tactical tree planting can keep your Oakland County home or business cooler. During the winter months, trees can deflect and block harsh winds and insulate.

  • Create a wildlife sanctuary – Much like water features, trees are homes for all kinds of wildlife – birds, squirrels, and more – giving them places to rest, nest, and be removed from predators. For those reasons, as well as granting coveted food sources, tree planting will attract the wildlife to your Oakland County based property.

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