Snow Removal

Not only is Brookstone Landscaping well-versed in designing and constructing landscapes, hardscapes, and masonry features, but we also know full well how to maintain those special outdoor areas from weather conditions like snow and ice.

That’s why we feel our snow removal services for Oakland County home and business owners is a necessity.

First off, winter temperatures can be harsh and off-putting. Whether the snow removal falls on you, the homeowner, someone else in the household, or one of your business’ employees, there are a few other reasons besides the cold why those jobs aren’t complete on schedule.

Typically, the chosen individual already has several things in the works and they can easily be called away to another task, leaving the snow removal unfinished.

By employing Brookstone Landscaping to remove snow and ice, you know the entire job will be completed on time and without any interruptions. Also, since we performed your Oakland County, MI landscaping project, we have detailed information about the location of every feature and installation and its operational components.


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Hire the best snow removal company in Oakland County, MI

  • Maintaining Curb Appeal and Pristine Presentation – our snow removal experts will adeptly maintain your outdoor environment to its needs and your specifications. Clearing away snow piles from driveways, sidewalks, and front entrances will keep your one-of-a-kind outdoor spaces on display throughout the winter.

  • Preventing Accidents and Injuries – The Brookstone Landscaping snow removal team for Oakland County, CA has the experience and knowledge to eliminate dangerous snow and ice from busy driveways, parking lots, and walkways. We’ll help you rest easy knowing the chances of you, a loved one, an employee, or a customer slipping and injuring themselves or crashing their vehicle.

  • Using Specialized Equipment to prevent lost income – Our dedicated team of snow removal professionals utilize commercial-grade equipment designed to quickly, efficiently, and completely perform the removal. Since Oakland County residents and business owners don’t normally purchase those types of products, a significant snowfall can leave you at a disadvantage. Also, you can avoid being late to work or all together absent by having us spend the extra amount of time needed to bring your walkways and driveway back to a safe and useable status.

Snow Removal
Snow Removal

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