Outdoor Kitchens

Improving the quality of living for you and your family doesn’t have to result from spending a lot of money or installing any materials or components yourself. Brookstone Landscaping can help you transform your exterior space in Oakland County, MI into the outdoor kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.

Whether you would like our dedicated team to construct your outdoor kitchen from scratch, as an improvement of an existing one, or as an addition into a hybrid patio kitchen, our seasoned staff will provide a clear, straightforward picture from the start.

Naturally, the planning of your outdoor kitchen will be based primarily on your preferred cooking style plus the color and pattern themes of the rest of your outdoor space and home’s exterior.

The basics, as far as components go, can include some type of grill, cabinets, and a sink. If your cooking prowess falls in the chef range, then components like a pizza oven or smoker would be easy options to add to the mix.

When choosing the best products for an outdoor kitchen, the Brookstone team steer our recommendations towards simple, durable, and weather resistant pieces that are easy to maintain. Also, employing our team of professionals is a necessity for the installation, as there will be no need for repairing or refurbishing. Because we guarantee precise production the first time.


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Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchen in Oakland County
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Create Your Dream Space with a Custom Outdoor Kitchen

Your new or upgraded Oakland County outdoor kitchen will:

  • Allow you to entertain and relax outside – Not only will an outdoor kitchen increase your quality of outside living but, it will also save you money and create an area for private enjoyment and the making of memories.

  • Keep cooking odors outdoors and your indoor kitchen clean and operating for longer – Besides the entitled benefits, cooking in your Oakland County outdoor kitchen will also help you better control the interior temperature of your home and, especially in the summer months, save you on the added energy costs to keep the inside of your home cool.

  • Outdoor kitchens and patio kitchens will increase your home’s/property’s overall value – Apart from the fiscal upgrade, an well thought out and executed outdoor kitchen can set your property apart from the rest of the neighborhood. Being a rarity in your area will bolster the curb appeal as well.

Outdoor Kitchen in Oakland County
Outdoor Kitchen in Oakland County

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