Outdoor Fire Pits in Oakland County, MI

Brookstone Landscaping can help you purchase and champion the installation of an outdoor component that has one of the lowest cost vs. benefit ratios: an outdoor fire pits.

Why buy an outdoor fire pit for my home? Aren’t they only meant for outdoor spaces with rustic themes?

Outdoor fire pits in Oakland County, MI are a fantastic way to spend precious time with family and friends, while bringing an aspect of the great outdoors to the perfect spot on your private property.

We have successfully installed many different types of fire pits, each having a distinct appearance, determined by our client’s and designer’s collaborative efforts. From traditional to elegant, you and the knowledgeable staff at Brookstone Landscaping can create the ideal outdoor fire pit that will mesh seamlessly with the rest of your exterior areas.


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A luxurious, custom outdoor fire pit can make a bold statement and add splendor and inspire awe. A rustic one camp make you and yours feel like they are on a camping vacation every time they step into your back yard. And an outdoor fire pit grill or fire pit table can turn any novice cook into a 5 star chef.

Of the wide array of advantages of having an outdoor fire pit, here are a few:

  • Outdoor fire pits are as American as baseball. They evoke the memory of childhood bonfires and are a great way to captivate children of all ages or to spark an impromptu gathering of old friends.

  • Oakland County outdoor fire pits create a relaxing, romantic atmosphere, are versatile gathering places, and can either continue the celebration far into the night or end it one a high note.

  • Outdoor fire pits are multi-season, social hot spots that are affordable to own and easy to maintain. Plus, they can be a unique and enjoyable cooking tool.

Outdoor Fire Pits
Outdoor Fire Pits

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