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At Brookstone Landscaping, we hold each aspect of a well devised landscaping plan in equal regard. From the flora choices, to the use of various types of stone, to the integration of water features or other hardscapes, landscape lighting is as important as the rest.

Via our comprehensive design collaboration, we’ve assisted loads of clients in creating landscape lighting that accentuates their Oakland County based home or business at any hour of the day or night.


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Using state-of-the-art lighting products and our multi-angle/multi-level outdoor lighting approach, your Oakland County property’s features will appear pristine and gorgeous at all times. Taller features require uplighting, shorter ones need to be down lit, and walkways need appropriately lit path lights to get people to outdoor gathering places at night. The Brookstone Landscaping design team will help you uncover your home or business’ exterior areas that are normally hidden during nighttime.

Whether you want your landscape lighting to maintain a similar, during-the-day look at night, to completely shifting the mood from day to night, through strategic lighting, we can construct your dream outdoor spaces and let you show them off.

These are just a few of the major reasons why implementing landscape lighting throughout your Oakland County property is something not to be overlooked:

  • Landscape Lighting creates depth and dimension in Outdoor Spaces – Normally, it’s easy to present your home’s exterior spaces in the day time, thanks to ample sunlight, a clear blue sky backdrop, and our collective, strategic layout. The addition of landscape lighting on your Oakland County grounds is an easy, energy efficient way to allow you and yours to soak in all of its grandeur and beauty just as easily during the night hours.

  • The Creation of More Outdoor Spaces for Use at Night – Effectively planning and installing a landscape lighting strategy can bring focal points, social areas, and walkways back into the nightly fold and spark continued use. For businesses, landscape lighting can make after-hour events at your Oakland County, CA facility safe, properly lit, and perpetually attractive.

  • Boosting Property Value by Showcasing the Best Landscape Features – A landscape lighting plan that uses a combination of products and techniques will instantly accentuate your most coveted features the moment the sun goes down. During the day, passersby can be drawn to pretty much any feature on your property. But, in the dark, the landscape lighting will force their attention to the feature you’re most proud of. With the wow factor now running 24/7, you will leave a round-the-clock impression that’s sure to boost curb appeal.

  • Landscape Lighting is also a Security Measure – When your Oakland County property has adequate nighttime landscape lighting, it makes traversing your outdoor spaces easier and safer. Also, your new landscape lighting will shine light in places where criminals like to hide. For commercial buildings and properties, your landscape lighting will reduce the liability risks by preventing tripping, slipping, or falling.

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