Brick Paving in Oakland County, MI

At Brookstone Landscaping, we’re the experts when it comes to custom residential and commercial landscaping and masonry. To get you the best result for your budget, we utilize brick pavers for several applications in Oakland County, MI. This includes brick paving for driveways and walkways, brick paver patios, and brick paver retaining walls.

We can use whichever material you chose, concrete, natural stone, or brick pavers but, we like to use brick pavers because they have a timeless look, their appearance won’t change from the natural elements, they are very durable, and they are easy to build with.

Concrete blocks are not as durable or resilient as brick pavers and natural stone can hold a pretty high price point. Brick pavers give you many options in color, pattern and shape. This allows you to customize to match your vision while staying within your budget without compromising on style and longevity.

During our consultation, our experience team will run through all of our aesthetic options as well as ensuring that you get everything on your wish list.


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Brick Paver Driveways and Walkways in Oakland County, MI

The driveway and front entryway of a house is what visitors see first upon arriving at your property. Therefore, the style, pattern, and color schemes of the driveway and front and back walkways will set the tone for the exterior and, likely, interior of the house.

To that end, we’ve helped countless clients create customized driveways and walkways, using brick paving, all across the Oakland County area.

Whether you decide upon one brick paver pattern and color or two or three different colored stones with similar, but not identical patterns, your stylistic flair will be supported by durability and longevity. Plus, your curb appeal will force your neighbors to step up their landscaping games.

By saving money without losing quality, the extra can be put towards our wide array of elements and installations that can be easily incorporated into our collective design plan:

  • Stone Pillars – can add old-world luxury to your new brick paving project in Oakland County. Much like the marble columns in ancient Greece.

  • Garden Walls – are sometimes necessary to maintain a raised garden area. They can add depth to a space and delineate sections for sole purposes.

  • Stoops – are not only a practical addition but, through our extensive design process, they can be just as appealing as your more complicated outdoor elements.

  • Railings – can be requirements in certain situations. Although not made from stone, our team will provide their experienced insights into the sturdiest, most weather resistant products.

  • Sitting Walls – spell convenience as they offer extra seating areas without taking up a lot of an overall space.

  • Ambient Lighting – is equally practical and visually appealing. They are low voltage, saving you on utilities, and emit the perfect amount of light.

Brick Paving in Oakland County

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