Brick Paver Retaining Walls

One of the fantastic ways Brookstone Landscaping uses brick paver stones is by constructing brick paver retaining walls; a beautiful addition to any home exterior. The materials and structure can be used for both residential and commercial properties and have two main functions.

First, brick paver retaining walls bring forth a higher level of aesthetics which can end, border, or separate your garden from other landscaping and hardscaping elements. A brick paver retaining wall combined with a brick paver patio is a wonderful way to delineate the area as the go-to place for friends and family to relax and enjoy.

The second use is purely functional and the primary reason why a brick paver retaining wall would be employed for your Oakland County, MI project. This main factor is in the name: a brick paver retaining wall. When expertly installed by our Brookstone contracting team, the wall will retain dirt, rocks, or fill from falling or sliding down slopes and gradients amidst your property. Especially during rainy times, a retaining wall handles water down slopes by augmenting its distribution and redirecting its flow.

Well-placed and properly executed brick paver retaining walls can protect your Oakland County patio, garden, or other installation from a dirty, destructive mudslide. Depending on the local climate and conditions, which we will always take into account, our retaining walls will last for decades – sometimes up to 100 years.


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Unique, Custom Designs Always

There is a wide range of materials that would be sufficient to use in constructing a retaining wall. Brick pavers are becoming more and more popular thanks to the various designs, colors, and overall ease of installation.

Along with many different color options for your Oakland County brick paver retaining wall, the brick pavers come in loads of shapes and sizes. For continuity in the style and design departments, most of our clients chose to use the same brick pavers for their Oakland, CA retaining wall that were selected for their driveway and/or patio.

Another great benefit to using brick pavers is that the different shapes we produce them to be in, all have a specific purpose and position during installation. Plus, the brick pavers have an “interlocking” quality – just like brick pavers used in flatwork – and they do not require the use of mortar to keep everything in place.

Taking into account your personal tastes, your home’s design theme and color scheme, Brookstone Landscaping can create a custom pattern to your brick paver retaining wall on your Oakland County, CA outdoor property.

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