Brick Paver Patios

A well designed and executed brick paver patio on your Oakland County property will immediately become the centerpiece of your upgraded outdoor space. And that’s where Brookstone Landscaping comes in. Not only do we have extensive knowledge and experience in all things landscaping and masonry but, we also implement a tried and true method to attain your personal perfection.

First, the Brookstone team will schedule a time to assemble and report to your property for a thorough inspection of the outdoor area. After taking some measurements, notes, etc., we’ll sit you down for an in-depth consultation regarding the “must-haves” to create your custom vision. Then, our designers will discuss materials, styles, patterns, hardscape and landscape features and the pros and cons of each option type. Once every detail has been triple checked and verified by you, the client, our seasoned installers will start installing your new brick paver patio on your Oakland County, MI property.


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Why Brick Pavers are Best for Your Patio Upgrade

Although Brookstone Landscaping has experience and training in the use of every available stone material for building outdoor patios, we feel that brick pavers are one of the best options. If you’re on a budget, which the majority of us are, choosing an affordable, durable and versatile stone material, like brick pavers, can ensure that your outdoor space has every look and feature you’ve always wanted it to.

Here are several reasons why brick paver patios can provide your Oakland County property with the appearance you’ve long envisioned, and the longevity to allow your family and following generations to enjoy the area. Thanks to our diligent and meticulous upkeep and maintenance, post-installation, your outdoor space will look the same, years down the road, as it did on day one.

  1. Brick pavers are far more affordable than natural stone.
  2. Brick pavers, unlike concrete, are manufactures in various sizes, shapes, patterns, colors, and grades.
  3. Brick pavers are a wonderful combination of durable and low maintenance.
  4. Brick Pavers are fired at a higher temperature than chimney bricks, making them better able to withstand heavy loads.
  5. An Oakland County based brick paver patio is able to withstand the elements without fading in color.
  6. Once installed, your brick paver patio will hold together amazingly without the use of mortar.
  7. Brick pavers are created to be non-porous and, therefore, don’t require any sealing.
  8. As brick pavers are held in place by their increased mass, compared to other types of bricks, individual pavers can be removed and replaced, if damaged, because there’s no mortar adhesion involved.
Brick Paver Patios
Brick Paver Patios
Brick Paver Patios

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